Why custom? Couldn’t I do it myself?

DIY invitations are great if you have both the time and the expertise. Most of us, though, only have one or the other.
Just because we live in the era of Martha Stewart, don’t feel pressured to spend hours doing every little thing for your wedding. While you might get bragging rights, do you really want to hand-stamp and emboss 250 reply cards?

What will leave a lasting impression on your guests (and make you smile today and in 25 years) is wedding stationery completely unique to you as a couple, the event, and even the season.

Sometimes to make this happen, you really need to leave it to the professionals.

Don’t worry, you can still cruise Pinterest or Google Images, and bring a stack of inspiration photos or fabric swatches or colours. In fact, I love it when clients do this – it gives me a sense of what you want.
Then we can work together to make a completely custom design, choosing the perfect font, paper, and other elements to make a gorgeous invitation that really speaks to who you are and what your wedding is all about. (Remember: invitations are the first clue for guests about what to expect from your event!).

I can also work with you to create your dream stationery at your price point. I’ve had clients find invitations through online stores – only to discover they don’t fit into their budgets. Or they discover they can buy invitations, reply cards and envelopes as a package, but are left stranded when it comes to table numbers and menus.

Avoid this heartbreak and save money: by going custom you can get everything done in one spot, and even save on printing!
In the end, by going custom, I can guarantee you’ll get stationery that is completely individual, completely new, and completely you.

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