Wedding Trends: Hand Lettering and Calligraphy

3cHand lettering is a trend that has truly swept the wedding industry over the past few years – you practically can’t scroll through Pinterest without spotting sweet hand-lettered swirls on a piece of wedding stationery. No longer limited to rigid, traditional calligraphy, couples can use hand lettering to fit any style of wedding design, whether it’s elegant and romantic or bold and playful. Although you can still find traditional calligraphy in some wedding designs, it’s more common to find a romantic style with plenty of flourishes or a modern and minimal look, created by shorter brush strokes.

3bIf you’re thinking of including hand lettering on your wedding stationery, there are lots of ways to do so, including options for all budget sizes. Generally, hand lettering is priced per design. For those hoping to get the on-trend look of hand lettering while sticking to a smaller budget, you could have a custom monogram, quote or small design created and use that throughout your wedding stationery and signage. Those with a larger stationery budget will find that you can add hand-lettered touches almost anywhere on your wedding day, down to hand lettering the destination address on each wedding invitation’s envelope.

You might be reading this and getting excited at the prospect of learning a few techniques and trying your hand at calligraphy… either that, or you’re thinking that there’s no way you’d have the time or skill to create something you’re proud to include in your wedding. Don’t worry! There are so many talented artists available to create custom hand-lettered wedding designs, and they can be found online or right here in Edmonton. One amazing local artist that I love working with is Justine Ma. If you are interested in doing your own calligraphy there are online tutorials, or workshops you can take in person – Justine hosts workshops in Edmonton and Banff.

3aFor those of you who decide to jump in and hand letter your own wedding invitation envelopes, make sure you’re prepared with a few extras in case you make mistakes. It’s also a good idea to test your pen and ink on your envelope to make sure it adheres properly before starting. Lastly, have patience! Calligraphy is an art form, not a weekend project. Designers take years to hone their skills, so be prepared to put in some practise before you’re happy with the finished product.

A final note to those who are planning to use hand lettering: it certainly looks great on Pinterest, but Canada Post is not always a fan of the unique lettering style! Consider doing an inner envelope with hand lettering and an outer envelope with a simple mailing label. This ensures correct delivery and keeps your inner envelope safe and clean.

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