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Happy Valentines Day! I have been saving this one for exactly today because it’s so perfect. Now, I know its not an invitation BUT it is a card, so I will allow it. I am totally a sucker for pink (have you seen my website?). These would be so cute as birthday cards, gift tags, or even your wedding thank you cards.


What I love about this design is  how the shape is accentuated by a thin white line that follows the outer edge of the card. Do you see the white line that traces each edge? A beautiful detail that isn’t commonly used – but it adds so much elegance. It really contrasts the loose spiral detailing in the corners of the card nicely.

The font is an italic, engraved serif. Some people shy away from using serifs because they think that they look old or outdated, but this just proves that they can look ready modern and clean. The detailing is so chic, and when done in gold – game over, you win!

And obviously I love that this card folds into itself to create it’s own tiny envelope – cost savings! Seal with a cute white sticker and you are ready to mail! Lucky you – this is a DIY printable by Jenn of Camille Styles.

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