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Most of you know that I am obsessed with letterpress printing. And a few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Lu at Uppercase Press during one of her letterpress workshops. We spent the afternoon setting up our type, mixing ink, and of course, printing!

Tell me what you do and how long you have been doing it
I am a letterpress print maker and I have been doing it for almost 2 years now.


What interested you in Letterpress printing?
I loved the simple, but elegant look and texture that is a result of letterpress printing.

What capabilities does letterpress printing have that digital and offset printing do not?
The first thing that comes to mind is the texture that you can get with letterpress printing. Because letterpress is a relief printing method, the images and words are pressed into the paper, creating a unique ‘debossed’ look. No offset printer can do that. Also, the paper we use for letterpress has to be a special paper because of the pressure required to print. It has to be thick enough to handle this pressure. We use a very heavy weight paper that would not work in a regular printer. The results are an amazing combination of luxurious paper and unique, elegant printing: this is letterpress.

SAMSUNG CSCWhat are the hottest trends in letterpress right now? (colours, paper weights, patterns, etc.) 
I am not a trend kind of person. I am always keen to stay with classics. I like black ink on white paper, with few images or text. The simpler the better. When I’m exploring outside of the classics, I create my own trends. Currently, I am into this new ink I bought. It has a beautiful bronze finish. I’m in love with how it looks on paper. For paper, I always go with the classic Crane Lettra, a beautiful 100% cotton paper. It is so soft you don’t want to stop touching it. It’s very special. I am also a classic pattern kind of girl. I like polka dots, and antique arrows and frames. Classics may not sound extremely exciting, but you’d be surprised how there are still endless possibilities when it comes to print and design.

SAMSUNG CSCLetterpress can be expensive. What do you recommend to brides and grooms that love the look but can’t spend the money for a full letterpress invitation suite?
If an entire wedding suite is not an option, I would recommend letterpressing a couple main pieces. The invitation itself is really nice to have letterpress printed, because it’s a piece that is most likely to be kept and remembered fondly. The second piece I would recommend is a nice Thank You card to send out after the wedding. If you love the letterpress, but cannot afford the price tag that comes with the expansive process it takes to create a full suite, do not despair. There are many creative ways to incorporate letterpress printing. I love to work with my clients to help them achieve a desired but affordable option.

The holiday season is coming up! Where can we buy your super cute printed cards?
Thank you! My cards are on sale at a few great spots in Edmonton such as: Plum Home + Design, Vivid Print, Carbon Environmental and Callie’s Tea. They are also available on my website uppercasepress.com.

Which of your prints are the most popular?
There are two cards that people really love. One is the “I love you. That’s it.” card. The other one is a card from my recently launched sarcastic cards line.  I always have people asking for sarcastic cards, they have been a big hit arts shows and the stores that carry them.

Follow Lu on Facebook and if you are interested in learning more about the art of Letterpress, sign up for her upcoming workshops!

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