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I love how the perfect décor can transform any space. Like a blank canvas, most wedding reception venues need a splash of colour, the right chairs, and the perfect linens to fit your vision of your wedding day. Look no further than Special Event Rentals. With locations in Calgary, Banff, Red Deer and Edmonton, they will help you plan and decorate your wedding. I had an opportunity to ask Kristina, planner at Special Event Rentals, some questions about what inspires her during her wedding planning process with clients.


Tell me what you do and how long you have been in the wedding industry?
Personally I have been part of the wedding industry since 2007 working for Special Event Rentals as a wedding and event planner.  Special Event Rentals has been in business serving brides for almost 30 years!

What do you love about helping your clients plan their weddings?
I love that every wedding is unique. I love hearing stories and facts about the bride and groom and adapting those into real elements of their wedding.  I love that people trust me to guide them through their wedding journey.  I just love love.

What happens during a consultation with Special Event Rentals?
When a client comes in for a consultation with us we like to get a sense of what they need from us in terms of service whether they need full planning, or possibly décor concept and set up.  That’s first and foremost.  Then we like to get an idea of their inspiration or some key elements about them that we can get a sense of their wedding style. This can include questions about their hobbies, their home décor, their personal style, etc. All of these things help to give us a sense of who they are and how we can service them. We also like to educate all of our couples on what we offer from table and chair rentals all the way through to full planning services.  It’s a bit of a first date meets interview scenario.

Are there any new wedding décor that you are just dying to use?
Whenever we get new product it’s exciting to incorporate it into designs.  Currently I’m loving black vases of all shapes and sizes.


Which wedding trends do you love right now?
Over the years I think the biggest trend in weddings in our market is that there is no trend.  People want what they want and it doesn’t seem to be dictated by any certain “hot trend”  We live in the prairies so there will always be brides who want rustic weddings with lace and burlap and mason jars. On the other hand we have those more urban style clients who want sleek and modern and even some bling. I am loving the personalization that couples are putting into their weddings whether it’s a specific favourite food, or style of music, or a bouquet made  out of comic book pages and that’s what I hope to see more of.

What is your top cost saving trick for weddings? Are there any online resources that you get your inspiration from?
I am a lover of all the major online wedding blogs. I think that The Perfect Palette is a great resource for people who are looking for color inspiration. But I also look at fashion blogs, home décor blogs, and sites like BizBash for inspiration and ideas.

Keep in mind what is important to you as a couple and to your guests. Will a favour box full of M&M’s add to their experience or would the money be better spent on a plated dinner?  Prioritize.

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