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www.lyndsaygreenwood.caI’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with Jenn from Something Beautiful Weddings on a couple of fun projects, and she is just as sweet as she is talented. I’m excited to share some of Jenn’s thoughts on current wedding trends, her best wedding tips, and life as a wedding planner.

Tell us what you do!

The short version of this answer is that I’m a wedding planner. But I don’t think that really gives a good grasp of what I do! My job is equal parts creative, organizational and relational. I love to create beautiful things. Whether it’s a unique centrepiece, a gorgeous ceremony backdrop or the most adorable guest favour you’ve ever seen, I love to bring beauty to a celebration through details and elements that evoke emotion and reflect the couple everyone is there to celebrate. DIY projects are my favourite, add some good music and a yummy cocktail and you’ve got one wild Friday night at my house!

While I would love to say that my days consist of nothing but reading wedding magazines and drinking lattes all day that’s just not the case. (But if anyone knows of a job that fits that description, please let me know!) When planning a wedding, there are so many logistics and moving parts to organize. That’s where I come in: I help the couple to get all those parts moving cohesively towards one goal. There are a lot of hours behind the scenes creating timelines, seating charts, budget spreadsheets and more, and while it isn’t always glamorous it’s definitely gratifying to see it come together in the end!

It’s easy to see the creative side of my job, and even the organizational side…but relational? How does that fit in? Well for starters, the bride and groom’s relationship is the reason that planners like myself even exist! How could we possibly work in this industry and not build connections with others? Building trust and relationships with my couples as well as other vendors is essential to creating a beautiful event that reflects the couples personality and vision.

What interests you about the wedding industry?

What can I say? I love a good party! I love when loved ones gather together for a celebration, and what better celebration than the commitment of two people? It’s a big deal and deserves a big celebration!

Are there any upcoming wedding trends that you’ve noticed or are particularly excited about?

Oh man, don’t even get me started! Food trucks have been gaining traction in the wedding scene for the past few years and I think they’re amazing! Who doesn’t love a taco or mini doughnuts for a midnight snack? I’m also starting to see brides step away from the neutral palettes that have dominated the industry for the past few years. While champagne, blush and nude are all still incredibly popular (and beautiful) colour choices, brides are now adding in pops of colour. A little purple, a little blue, maybe a mint shade here and there. I love colour so I’m thrilled to see that happening!

What’s your favourite type of wedding?

I think that the best type of wedding is one that is personal to the couple. If that means bucking tradition and doing something completely out of the box like wearing a blue dress and saying your “I do’s” on the edge of a cliff before jumping into the ocean hand in hand, great! But if you’ve been dreaming of a traditional church wedding with a white dress, five tiered wedding cake and a first dance to “The Way You Look Tonight” then I say absolutely go for it! If you love something, then incorporate it – don’t worry about it being trendy or not. Just have fun!

Can you share a few tips for a stress-free wedding day?

Like anything in life, I think that preparation is vital to a stress-free wedding day! By making sure that every detail is thought of and attended to before the big day, brides and grooms can relax and focus on each other and their celebration! (Hint hint, I may know someone who can help with all that preparation!)

Oh! And a good night’s sleep the night before never hurts!

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