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Trend Report: Wedding Websites

Last week, we talked about how the postage rates are increasing. The reality is that they will continue to increase and maybe mailing your invitations won’t be an option anymore. What are we going to do? Well, as much as I love designing super cute, custom invites for you… I love finding ways for you to save money even more. Wedding websites will never be able to replicate the excitement that your guests get from receiving a beautifully addressed envelope in their mailbox. They cant replicate the feeling of a 130 lb linen card stock in your hands. But they can be beautifully designed and integrated seamlessly into your wedding planning. Bonus: they are really eco-friendly!

This year, I will be releasing a line of Wedding Websites (Wedsites) for any of my clients who want to ditch the pretty paper and opt for a modern take on the paper classic. How much easier would your life be if you could just copy and paste a link to all of your friends through email or Facebook and have them instantly access all of your wedding details. They could even rsvp online! Keep in mind that you can still appease the parents and grand parents by sending them physical invitations. 

Yes, there are a million site-builders out there that you can use but for the not-so-tech-friendly crowd, you might want to leave that to the professionals. And you probably have enough stress with planning your big day, why add coding a website to the list?

I have put together a sampling of what a wedding website could look like, but make sure you check back to my Samples page later this year to view my custom wedsite designs! (click image to see wedsite)

Jess_Russ   Sarah_William

Sharon_Daniel   Pittmans

Jess_Ross   Jenny_Graydon

Top Wedding Colour Palettes for 2014

Choosing your wedding colour palette can be an overwhelming task. Your colours dictate the mood of your day and will help you create consistency when planning the rest of your wedding (ie. Invitations and day-of stationery!). I wanted to post today about the new colour trends for 2014.

I hate to talk about ‘trends’, because your wedding is about YOU, not what a million other brides are doing, I know that some of you are still searching for that perfect palette. So I’m going to show you a few new combinations that I love right now. I hope you find some inspiration in them.

Colour Palette3 Colour Palette4 Colour Palette5Colour Palette7 Colour Palette8 Colour Palette9

Colour Palette

Colour Palette2

Colour Palette6















The best way to build a palette is to start with one colour you love and choose 1-3 accent colours that work well with it. Accent colours can really change the mood of your wedding. Think about a blush pink with gold, and a blush pink with charcoal grey. Two very different moods created with the same base colour. If you feel as though your palette is getting overwhelmed with too many bright hues, consider adding a neutral like taupe, or ivory.


Die Cutting vs Laser Cutting Wedding Invitations

You see them on every invitation blog. Those intricately cut paper beauties. But how are they made? I can assure you that they are not cut one by one (that could take months!). These designs are either laser cut or die cut after being printed. And now you want to know, whats the difference? Let me explain.

Die Cutting


Die cutting wedding invitations is a process of cutting out several shapes from the paper that you are using. The process is often compared to cookie cutting becuase it is literally stamping the material with the desired shape.

The first step in the process is to bend the blade into the shape to be cut (called the die). The invitation paper is placed on a flat surface. Then, the die is pressed downward into the paper to cut it. Usually, your entire stack of paper is cut at once for maximum efficiency.

Pros: No burnt edges or yellowing over time because heat is not used.
Cons: More expensive because the die plate has to be built custom to your design. There is a limit to how intricate your design can be.

Laser Cutting


The process begins with your invitation designer creating a design on a computer. The design is then read by a computer that uses the information to automatically guide the laser. The laser makes all the necessary cuts, producing an exact replica of the design in the paper.

Most lasers can emit a continuous beam or a quick pulse. The continuous beam is used to make cuts while the pulse is used to make small piercings. Once the laser is finished its job, the excess material is removed and your invitation is complete.

Pros: No cost for a die plate, the laser is guided by a computer file. Your design can be as intricate as you want it to be.
Cons: Laser cutting with a high intensity beam can leave burn marks along the edges of the paper.

The Verdict

You should always consult with your invitation designer or printer before making the decision between laser cutting and die cutting your invitations. They can give you the best recommendation for your project and budget.

Best Wedding Invitations of 2013

New YearCan you believe that another year has come and gone? For me, 2013 was just the beginning of this amazing adventure. I have LOVED meeting all of my new clients and getting to know them, and I am so honoured to be a part of their special day. I can’t thank all of my supporters enough. One day, we will rid the world of terrible script fonts!

This year, I will be getting married to the most amazing guy! And I will be posting about my wedding planning journey along the way (so check back here for updates!). I am super excited to share this journey with all of you : ) Illustration by the talented Mr. Andrew Barton.

Now, lets get to my top 5 picks for the best wedding invitations of 2013. There were so many great designs this year, it was hard to choose just a few of them to showcase. I love that couples are getting really creative with their colour selections, the use of typography, and the creative packaging.

5. Susan & Cliff by Two Paperdolls

WeddingInvitation1Letterpress will always have a place in the invitation world and it will continue to be a major printing method in 2014. This 2 colour print is whimsical but also elegant. I love the mix of the script names with the serif details along with the swirly lines that fill the white space. And the gold painted edge is an unexpected detail that pairs perfectly with the gold envelope.

4. Mollie & Andrew by RoAndCo


This invitation, designed for a unconventional pair, was designed on the back of a 7″ record sleeve. It contained a vintage record, a poster that doubled as a map of NYC highlighting their favorite spots, as well as a cheeky RSVP card. The coolest part is that their invitations doubled as a brand identity for their non-profit organization Nine10Eleven.

3. Valerie & Roy by Atelier Isabey


Laser cutting is so chic. I love the flowing lines of this invitation suite and the combination of gold and white is flawless. The interior card has a gold foil stamp on a white card stock and the sleeve reveals a custom wreath monogram inspired by details of the bride’s dress. Perfect for their romantic glam wedding.

2. Sarah & Simon by Jonathan Quintin


Beautifully designed infographics were everywhere in 2013. So why not use them in a wedding invitation? Designer Jonathan Quintin created this super cute invitation using just 2 colours and facts about the couple. This is definitely not a traditional look but it could work really well for that couple that wants to do something a little bit different. It’s also a great way to tell your story to guests. This look can be easily carried from the invitation through to the ceremony program as well as the reception stationery.

1. Zoë & Hamish by The Hungry Workshop


This invitation concept is so unique, I couldn’t resist putting it at #1. The illustrations were done by Allison Colpoys and then printed through a letterpress with orange and gold ink at the Hungry Workshop. I just love the characters on the card – she has a flower and rosy cheeks, and he has a toy robot! And instead of card numbers, their initials were set in place with hearts. These would be amazing with a custom designed box to keep the cards together.

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