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Local Love: FaBLOOMosity


In business as in love, sometimes you need to take a leap of faith.

That’s what Janine Sebastien, owner and designer of FaBLOOMosity, did in 2000 when she quit a job she hated. “I did it without any forethought,” Sebastien says. “I was like, what am I going to do? I dabbled here and there and met this floral lady who took a chance on me. The rest is history.”

It’s been two years since the self-described “farm girl from Saskatchewan” opened the business in the Mercer Building in Edmonton’s Warehouse District. “The vibe in the building is amazing, and it’s a great atmosphere for creativity,” says Sebastien.

1557_410226669099006_1410574338_nWhether it’s the building or just her considerable talents, FaBLOOMosity’s floral arrangements are definitely creative. “We go out of our way to make sure every bouquet is completely different.”

“We are a strictly custom shop – we don’t do any packages,” she says. “We sit down with our couples for a consultation – it usually lasts 1 ½ to 2 hours – to learn all we can about their wedding.”

In fact, Sebastien suggests that couples come to her after they’ve already picked out clothes for themselves and the wedding party, linens, venues, photographer, and so on.

“That way we can design a cohesive event from start to finish,” she says. FaBLOOMosity can pick out elements for a bridal bouquet – the finishing on the handle, for example, based on the dress. “We don’t want our bride to look like she’s just walking up the aisle with flowers – we want it to be an extension of her dress and personality.”

The venue is also really important for the floral design. She asks clients: “How tall are the ceilings? What’s the lighting like? How are you going to be lighting the room?” Even details like the colours in the room are important to bring up at the consultation. “If the carpet is ugly, we’ll try and really bring people’s eyes up to the beautiful flowers on the table,” she laughs.

The beauty of FaBLOOMosity is that this kind of custom service is not out of the average couple’s reach. “We work with absolutely any budget, but we don’t like to know beforehand what that number is because it restricts our creativity. So when we’re talking with a couple, we want to know their dream look. From there, we know how to work backwards to their price point.”

This dream look could involve anything from unique boutonnieres for men – “birch flowers to button ones to really sleek modern on wire” – to breathtaking floral jewellery for women.

1240129_439089466212726_1119275004_n“We love trying to push the boundaries for our brides,” Sebastien says. “We’ve made statement necklaces, earrings, bracelets. Recently we did a headpiece for an Indian wedding, which was a great alternative to the traditional jewellery.”

“Floral jewellery is also an awesome thing to do for your reception,” she adds. “It gives your dress a completely different look and is a lot cheaper than buying a second dress!”

This creativity and attention to detail has garnered FaBLOOMosity lots of media attention, including covers for Blush  and Perfect Wedding magazines. “We were also recently featured on [Wedding Style’s editor in chief] Grace Ormonde’s website, which was really neat.”

Janine Sebastien’s leap of faith has certainly paid off, and her “fabulous” floral business is poised to grow for many years.

For more information, check out and its Facebook page. You can also connect on Twitter.

Local Love: Wedding Cakes with a Touch of Whimsy!


Whimsical Cake Studio is a unique cupcake and cake design company in Edmonton owned by husband-and-wife team, Ken and Ailynn. As they say on their website, “We cater to clients who have a clever sense of taste and style. We think of each cupcake and cake as an original work of art designed just for you!”

We at Glossie are sweet on their cakes and wanted to know more about them, their work, and their suggestions for you:

1002329_10151502876691456_1098508033_nHave you noticed any recent wedding cake trends in Edmonton?

Couples still love their cupcake towers and so do we! We have definitely created more dessert bars and sweet tables for receptions and bridal showers. I love these as we get to showcase all of our sweets.

What tips do you have for couples deciding on their wedding dessert?

  • Go by what tastes great. We can figure out “coordinating colours” later. The sweets should taste as good as they look!
  • Go for variety! Having more flavours and more textures lets you and your guests enjoy the sweets. Guests will be talking about what flavour or sweet they had so make sure you order plenty of our best.
  • Go for just the right quantity. It’s easy for cake, cupcake, or sweet tables to get out of hand. The last thing you want is to over-order or have a five-tier cake that no one’s going to be able to enjoy because you have too many other sweets. We can help you strike that balance.

What do you think of the tradition of couples feeding each other cake?

I think it’s a cute tradition. It’s sweet. The mushing it in each others’ faces, not so much.

What kind of cake did you have at your wedding?

We had an amazing four-tier wedding cake that we served as dessert: Red Velvet with Cream Cheese made by Sugar Couture in New York. It was one of the most delicious red velvet cakes we’ve ever had – next to ours, of course!

For more information, check out and follow them on Twitter @whimsicalcake 


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