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Local Love: YEGWed


I love to support local businesses. So when I came across YEGWed, I was super excited because Stacey, founder of YEGWed, loves the local scene as well. Not only has she been in the industry for years, she’s also a super talented DJ! She has some great info for couples who are planning their wedding and I’m so happy that she was able to share some of it with me!

What prompted you to start #yegwed?
I’ve worked in the wedding industry in one way or another for about a decade, and have always really loved it – my career as a wedding DJ is awesome, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I noticed that there are a lot of amazing wedding vendors in Edmonton that love what they do and are awesome at it, and like to do things outside of the box. In the world of online wedding inspiration, couples draw inspiration from photos on pinterest and blogs that are far away from Edmonton, so you may be inspired, but not know where to get the same product in our area. I wanted to create a hub for inspiration, where couples are seeing products and services that are readily available – because there are plenty of talented vendors right here in Edmonton!

Are there any emerging trends that you are seeing with local weddings?
I’d say that there is a move to more classic style when it comes to dresses and brides’ style, but a move to more non-traditional when it comes to other details like menus, desserts and floral arrangements.

Is there a wedding service that you think Edmonton is missing?
I feel like we really have some world-class vendors in Edmonton – i can’t think of something that I’ve seen on wedding blogs in other cities that you couldn’t find in Edmonton.

_DSC0603How can brides and grooms learn more about local vendors?
As always, word of mouth is the best way to find amazing vendors – memorable service/products will be mentioned! Of course, we hope to introduce as many vendors as possible via – if there’s something specific you’re looking for, do get in touch! I would also suggest checking out #yegweddinghour between 7 and 8pm on Wednesdays on twitter – it’s a great place to ask for referrals or advice and start conversations with potential vendors.

What kind of wedding do you like to feature on your website?
We especially love weddings that are unique and reflect the couple’s personality, as well as weddings that feature plenty of local Edmonton wedding vendors. That said, we also have a soft spot for iconic Edmonton locations, both as a venue and as a photo backdrop.

Are there any wedding trends that you are getting tired of seeing?
Since i love weddings that are unique and personalized, I am a little tired of traditions being upheld when there is no meaning to the couple, or when couples include things because ‘that’s just what you do at a wedding’. My view is – just do you! if it is void of meaning, don’t waste time or money on it. Celebrate who you are as individuals and as a couple, and let that shine through!

Aside from featured weddings, what does your site have to offer?
Along with real weddings, we also feature engagement photo sessions, wedding videos and love stories – we love showing real-life inspiration, and sharing stories. We also feature vendors who love what they do and are awesome at it – we especially love promoting vendors and artisans who are happy to do one-of-a-kind or custom work, so couples can have things their way! We like to do round-ups of social media as well, sharing our favourite things we’ve seen throughout the week, to keep those who are not as glued to the computer as we are in the loop. we also offer services for vendors, such as social media coaching, blog ghostwriting and advertising/promotion – we want to make having an online presence easy for vendors, so they can get on with doing what they do best: making weddings awesome.

List your top 3 ‘get the crowd going’ wedding reception songs
It really depends on the crowd, but my number one go-to jam is ‘I Want You Back’ by The Jackson Five – it’s great for all ages. ‘Do You Love Me’ by the Countours is another great all-ages jam, and ‘Push It’ by Salt n Pepa works for a lot of wedding crowds, as it brings the nostalgia factor to the guests around 25-35 years old (which is often the main age group at weddings).

Local Love: Makeup and Meg

Photo by Uryelle Dimailig


This month, I had the absolute pleasure of interviewing Meghan of Makeup and Meg. Aside from being super sweet, she has been a professional makeup artist since 2005, creating beautiful looks on hundreds of women for weddings and photo shoots. She also specializes in lash extensions and manicures! So perfect for bridal parties (see note about a discount below!) or even a girls night in.

How long have you been doing makeup?
I started MakeupandMeg in 2005. However, I remember doing my first ‘nude lip’ with my Mother’s concealer before elementary school, and charging my friends a Toonie for Dr. Pepper Lipsmacker application at my 10th birthday.

What is your favourite style of makeup?
My favourite style of makeup is unquestionably romantic and soft. Think a more natural Victoria’s Secret.

999948_609764332428254_1528224825_nDo you have any favourite products or must haves for your brides?
Brides need a lip gloss (try a YSL Glossy Stain; Won’t kiss off, and looks effortless), powder to reduce shine (Laura Mercier Invisible Pressed Setting Powder) and lash glue (Duo), for the big day.

How do you come up with new looks for your clients?
I create makeup looks for my clients based on their own personal style/desired look, coupled with makeup that naturally flatters their features.

What is your favourite technique or trick?
My favourite trick is powdering black liquid liner to get the most perfect line: No more wiggles or imperfections… Plus powder sets products and makes it last!

What additional services so you provide that wedding couples should know about?
We offer shellac manicures and lash extensions, too. Bridal parties receive 20% off makeup trials and all services. There is more than one makeup artist on staff, so we can do a wedding party is half the time. We do makeup parties as well, where we educate clients with how-to printables, and live demos. Makeup Parties are the most fun!

meWhat is your top 3 wedding makeup tips?
My top 3 makeup tips for brides are:

  1. Book a trial. This will save time as the artist knows exactly what you’re expecting, and provide the exact look the client has in mind.
  2. Powder the skin, and use a water proof setting spray.
  3. Apply more makeup than usual. Photos reduce the appearance of makeup by at least 20%.

What are the wedding makeup trends for fall/winter 2014?
Clients are all about contouring the skin this year! I think Pinterest info-graphics have influenced the trend, and Kim Kardashian!

You can find more of Meg’s stunning work on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest.Or tune into #yegweddinghour on Wednesday nights at 7 pm to chat more with Meg and other wedding industry professionals!

Local Love: Kay&Elle Weddings


When Laura Carter and Kirsty Wilson were approached by a friend last summer to rescue her from wedding stress, they were only too happy to help.

Through this, the pair discovered their shared passion for coordinating wedding details and stage managing a couple’s big day. Soon, Kay&Elle was born.

“Before this, we didn’t know that wedding coordinators existed,” says Kirsty, “But it’s becoming quite a big thing.”

As she and Laura explain, coordinators differ from the wedding planners many of us are familiar with in several ways. For one, they usually don’t start working with a couple until later in the planning process, once signed vendor contracts are in place. This makes them ideal for budget-conscious couples.

kayelle“We find the couples we work with are the ones who can do it all, but then they get overwhelmed at the six week mark,” says Laura.

Often these DIY couples know right off the bat that they’ll want help near the wedding date, so book Kay&Elle ahead of time.

“They say, ‘We’re probably going to need you eventually so let’s book now’,” laughs Kirsty.

For a full wedding day management package, they meet with couples several times in the six weeks leading up to the wedding, and often attend rehearsal events. Then, the day of, they stay for ten hours of on-site management to make sure everything goes perfectly.

In the past, this has included everything from writing an MC speech at the rehearsal dinner for someone who was going to “wing it” at the wedding reception, to making sure the bridal party got to the limo on time.

Friends and family members of the bride and groom also appreciate their services, as they are often asked to contribute a lot of effort to wedding preparations.

Winner_2014_200“We think family and friends should be able to enjoy the day as well,” Laura says.

For couples who just need some advice, they are happy to chat for an hour or two as consultants and share some of their favourite hidden gems in the city.

No matter the level of assistance, Kay&Elle’s creativity, care, and ability to handle crises will help keep your wedding on track, and your enjoyment front and centre.

Oh and did I mention that they were just named Edmonton’s most popular new wedding planner by Wedding Industry Experts Awards. For more information, please visit And check out their feature on the Special Event Rentals blog.

Local Love: Fort Heavy


We recently caught up with Michael to find out how his craft can help turn out your one-of-a-kind wedding stationery. Invitation suite to the left was designed by Cameron Wakal and printed by Fort Heavy.

Glossie: On your website, you say you focus on “bespoke letterpress” – what does that mean?
MW: Letterpress is one of the oldest forms of relief printing. Basically, you have a negative plate that gets inked and that directly prints on to the paper in positive form. It used to be printed from wood type and lead type in the past, but we use an antique press (they don’t’ actually make them anymore) in a modern way.

“Bespoke” just means that it’s custom. We only work to your specifications – not from templates.

Glossie: Do you usually work directly with clients?
MW: I would say it’s 50/50: half the time I work directly with customers, and the other half I work with designers and wedding planners.

Designers know the technical things, like file set up, and they have an understanding of the print process. There are lots of [other] people who have a good handle on it too, but sometimes there’s a bit of explaining.

Glossie: Why do people choose letterpress?
MW: Letterpress has a different quality to it – a tactile feel. We generally print on cotton paper, so that has a nice fluffy sensation. It also provides an impression – each letter and image almost has a sculptural feel to it. It’s a bit different. It’s not all super glossy, it’s a nice matte finish. It looks expensive and it is generally a bit more expensive than a standard printer.

DSC_1596Glossie: Are there any limits to letterpress clients should consider?
Letterpress doesn’t necessarily work the way a digital printing process does. With digital printing you can print as many colours as you want. You can with letter press too but we usually try to stick to using one to three colours, and using more solid colours because it’s not as smooth as digital and offset print for variation in tones.

Letterpress works in spot colours from Pantone – it works best with a 100% of the colour.

Glossie: Any tips for clients or designers who’d like to use letterpress?
MW: Keep things simple – don’t overdesign things. It might seem plain on the computer but once it’s printed the texture and all that helps them stand out.

I’ve been getting a lot of classic designs lately – nice bright paper and darker text – and golds and greys, which works well. For more information or to get an estimate, please visit:

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