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Local love: 5 Minute Face – Valéry Goulet

IMG_3107If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know that I love unique wedding ideas and I love design (obviously!). Naturally, I’m excited to share this sweet local business with you: 5 Minute Face is an illustration booth for edmonton couples at their weddings, where guests can sit for 5 minutes and walk away with a creative and unique memento. Not only does it serve as fun and unique entertainment for your wedding, especially during cocktail hour, but the finished illustrations can double as a very special favour that your guests can take away from your wedding. (This is my portrait from my wedding <3)

The 5 Minute Face booth is owned and operated by Valéry Goulet, the owner of valérydesignwrks, a small multidisciplinary design studio in Edmonton. After years as an illustrator, and a few seasons showcasing her work at the Royal Bison Art and Craft Fair, Valéry devised a way to turn her vendor booth into something that was both creative and interactive: the 5 Minute Face booth was born.

The booth is set up on a small table, where Valéry sits on one side and her subject sits facing her, with a divider in between them. There is an 8” x 10” window, so they can see each other, but the subject can’t see the drawing in progress. Once the portrait is completed, she slides the print through a slot at the bottom of the booth.

Here’s a little bit more about Valéry, her love of illustration, and how you can incorporate her unique work at your wedding.

What interests you about illustration?
With illustration, I find every aspect of it interesting. I teach two illustration classes in both design programs at the U of A and Grant MacEwan. I go over a wide range of techniques and processes with my students. With this specific project (illustrative booth), what I find the most interesting is how everyone is truly unique and beautiful. This illustrative exercise impacted the way I see people and also the way I approach other illustration based project. Forcing me to illustrate without the ability to erase and refine is quite stressful and I love it.

How do people usually react when they receive their illustration?
Every time, I get a nice smile and a thank you. People are curious to know how they are perceived, I think, and it seems to please them to see my drawings.

What are some other ways that couples can incorporate your illustrations in their wedding?
There is a wide range of applications for couples to incorporate my illustrative work. I would be happy to provide them with illustrations in colour or black and white for their wedding invitations, thank you cards and any other collateral pieces. Illustrations can be printed and also engraved so it gives us a ton of options to choose from.

Where can people find the 5 Minute Face booth in action (when it’s not at a wedding)?
I mostly do private functions so it is quite hard to find my booth at a public event. However, once or twice a year, they might be able to find me at the Royal Bison Art and Craft Fair.

Local Love: Something Beautiful Weddings

www.lyndsaygreenwood.caI’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with Jenn from Something Beautiful Weddings on a couple of fun projects, and she is just as sweet as she is talented. I’m excited to share some of Jenn’s thoughts on current wedding trends, her best wedding tips, and life as a wedding planner.

Tell us what you do!

The short version of this answer is that I’m a wedding planner. But I don’t think that really gives a good grasp of what I do! My job is equal parts creative, organizational and relational. I love to create beautiful things. Whether it’s a unique centrepiece, a gorgeous ceremony backdrop or the most adorable guest favour you’ve ever seen, I love to bring beauty to a celebration through details and elements that evoke emotion and reflect the couple everyone is there to celebrate. DIY projects are my favourite, add some good music and a yummy cocktail and you’ve got one wild Friday night at my house!

While I would love to say that my days consist of nothing but reading wedding magazines and drinking lattes all day that’s just not the case. (But if anyone knows of a job that fits that description, please let me know!) When planning a wedding, there are so many logistics and moving parts to organize. That’s where I come in: I help the couple to get all those parts moving cohesively towards one goal. There are a lot of hours behind the scenes creating timelines, seating charts, budget spreadsheets and more, and while it isn’t always glamorous it’s definitely gratifying to see it come together in the end!

It’s easy to see the creative side of my job, and even the organizational side…but relational? How does that fit in? Well for starters, the bride and groom’s relationship is the reason that planners like myself even exist! How could we possibly work in this industry and not build connections with others? Building trust and relationships with my couples as well as other vendors is essential to creating a beautiful event that reflects the couples personality and vision.

What interests you about the wedding industry?

What can I say? I love a good party! I love when loved ones gather together for a celebration, and what better celebration than the commitment of two people? It’s a big deal and deserves a big celebration!

Are there any upcoming wedding trends that you’ve noticed or are particularly excited about?

Oh man, don’t even get me started! Food trucks have been gaining traction in the wedding scene for the past few years and I think they’re amazing! Who doesn’t love a taco or mini doughnuts for a midnight snack? I’m also starting to see brides step away from the neutral palettes that have dominated the industry for the past few years. While champagne, blush and nude are all still incredibly popular (and beautiful) colour choices, brides are now adding in pops of colour. A little purple, a little blue, maybe a mint shade here and there. I love colour so I’m thrilled to see that happening!

What’s your favourite type of wedding?

I think that the best type of wedding is one that is personal to the couple. If that means bucking tradition and doing something completely out of the box like wearing a blue dress and saying your “I do’s” on the edge of a cliff before jumping into the ocean hand in hand, great! But if you’ve been dreaming of a traditional church wedding with a white dress, five tiered wedding cake and a first dance to “The Way You Look Tonight” then I say absolutely go for it! If you love something, then incorporate it – don’t worry about it being trendy or not. Just have fun!

Can you share a few tips for a stress-free wedding day?

Like anything in life, I think that preparation is vital to a stress-free wedding day! By making sure that every detail is thought of and attended to before the big day, brides and grooms can relax and focus on each other and their celebration! (Hint hint, I may know someone who can help with all that preparation!)

Oh! And a good night’s sleep the night before never hurts!

Follow Something Beautiful on Facebook or Twitter and keep an eye on her blog for all her latest wedding DIY projects and designs.

Local Love: Uppercase Press


Most of you know that I am obsessed with letterpress printing. And a few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Lu at Uppercase Press during one of her letterpress workshops. We spent the afternoon setting up our type, mixing ink, and of course, printing!

Tell me what you do and how long you have been doing it
I am a letterpress print maker and I have been doing it for almost 2 years now.


What interested you in Letterpress printing?
I loved the simple, but elegant look and texture that is a result of letterpress printing.

What capabilities does letterpress printing have that digital and offset printing do not?
The first thing that comes to mind is the texture that you can get with letterpress printing. Because letterpress is a relief printing method, the images and words are pressed into the paper, creating a unique ‘debossed’ look. No offset printer can do that. Also, the paper we use for letterpress has to be a special paper because of the pressure required to print. It has to be thick enough to handle this pressure. We use a very heavy weight paper that would not work in a regular printer. The results are an amazing combination of luxurious paper and unique, elegant printing: this is letterpress.

SAMSUNG CSCWhat are the hottest trends in letterpress right now? (colours, paper weights, patterns, etc.) 
I am not a trend kind of person. I am always keen to stay with classics. I like black ink on white paper, with few images or text. The simpler the better. When I’m exploring outside of the classics, I create my own trends. Currently, I am into this new ink I bought. It has a beautiful bronze finish. I’m in love with how it looks on paper. For paper, I always go with the classic Crane Lettra, a beautiful 100% cotton paper. It is so soft you don’t want to stop touching it. It’s very special. I am also a classic pattern kind of girl. I like polka dots, and antique arrows and frames. Classics may not sound extremely exciting, but you’d be surprised how there are still endless possibilities when it comes to print and design.

SAMSUNG CSCLetterpress can be expensive. What do you recommend to brides and grooms that love the look but can’t spend the money for a full letterpress invitation suite?
If an entire wedding suite is not an option, I would recommend letterpressing a couple main pieces. The invitation itself is really nice to have letterpress printed, because it’s a piece that is most likely to be kept and remembered fondly. The second piece I would recommend is a nice Thank You card to send out after the wedding. If you love the letterpress, but cannot afford the price tag that comes with the expansive process it takes to create a full suite, do not despair. There are many creative ways to incorporate letterpress printing. I love to work with my clients to help them achieve a desired but affordable option.

The holiday season is coming up! Where can we buy your super cute printed cards?
Thank you! My cards are on sale at a few great spots in Edmonton such as: Plum Home + Design, Vivid Print, Carbon Environmental and Callie’s Tea. They are also available on my website

Which of your prints are the most popular?
There are two cards that people really love. One is the “I love you. That’s it.” card. The other one is a card from my recently launched sarcastic cards line.  I always have people asking for sarcastic cards, they have been a big hit arts shows and the stores that carry them.

Follow Lu on Facebook and if you are interested in learning more about the art of Letterpress, sign up for her upcoming workshops!

Local Love: Special Event Rentals


I love how the perfect décor can transform any space. Like a blank canvas, most wedding reception venues need a splash of colour, the right chairs, and the perfect linens to fit your vision of your wedding day. Look no further than Special Event Rentals. With locations in Calgary, Banff, Red Deer and Edmonton, they will help you plan and decorate your wedding. I had an opportunity to ask Kristina, planner at Special Event Rentals, some questions about what inspires her during her wedding planning process with clients.


Tell me what you do and how long you have been in the wedding industry?
Personally I have been part of the wedding industry since 2007 working for Special Event Rentals as a wedding and event planner.  Special Event Rentals has been in business serving brides for almost 30 years!

What do you love about helping your clients plan their weddings?
I love that every wedding is unique. I love hearing stories and facts about the bride and groom and adapting those into real elements of their wedding.  I love that people trust me to guide them through their wedding journey.  I just love love.

What happens during a consultation with Special Event Rentals?
When a client comes in for a consultation with us we like to get a sense of what they need from us in terms of service whether they need full planning, or possibly décor concept and set up.  That’s first and foremost.  Then we like to get an idea of their inspiration or some key elements about them that we can get a sense of their wedding style. This can include questions about their hobbies, their home décor, their personal style, etc. All of these things help to give us a sense of who they are and how we can service them. We also like to educate all of our couples on what we offer from table and chair rentals all the way through to full planning services.  It’s a bit of a first date meets interview scenario.

Are there any new wedding décor that you are just dying to use?
Whenever we get new product it’s exciting to incorporate it into designs.  Currently I’m loving black vases of all shapes and sizes.


Which wedding trends do you love right now?
Over the years I think the biggest trend in weddings in our market is that there is no trend.  People want what they want and it doesn’t seem to be dictated by any certain “hot trend”  We live in the prairies so there will always be brides who want rustic weddings with lace and burlap and mason jars. On the other hand we have those more urban style clients who want sleek and modern and even some bling. I am loving the personalization that couples are putting into their weddings whether it’s a specific favourite food, or style of music, or a bouquet made  out of comic book pages and that’s what I hope to see more of.

What is your top cost saving trick for weddings? Are there any online resources that you get your inspiration from?
I am a lover of all the major online wedding blogs. I think that The Perfect Palette is a great resource for people who are looking for color inspiration. But I also look at fashion blogs, home décor blogs, and sites like BizBash for inspiration and ideas.

Keep in mind what is important to you as a couple and to your guests. Will a favour box full of M&M’s add to their experience or would the money be better spent on a plated dinner?  Prioritize.

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