The Do’s and Don’ts of Wedding Thank You Cards

You’re married! Now what? Aside from enjoying your honeymoon and basking in the joy of a perfectly planned and executed wedding, you need to send out your ‘Thank You’ cards. The task of writing a personal note to 150+ guests is definitely daunting, but it’s not impossible. Keep in mind that the wedding thank you note project begins way back when you gather your wedding guests’ names and addresses to send the invitations. Protip:  Save that list! Make a copy of it at invitation time and put it away. Before you start opening gifts, find the list and record each gift next to the giver’s name and address.

DO Send individual notes to anyone who pitched in for a group gift.

DON’T Forget to thank everyone involved with your wedding planning and festivities, not just your wedding guests.

DO Proof read x 3. Nothing is worse than receiving a thank you note and seeing your name spelled incorrectly.

DON’T Think that you can write all of your cards in one sitting. Plan to tackle a few each day or a quarter of your list every week.

DO Keep it short and sweet; Four to five sentences is sufficient.

DON’T Brush them off until next year. Thank you cards should be sent out within three months of your wedding day.

DO Split the list with your new spouse. A great way to spend some time together!

DON’T wait until the last minute to order your thank you cards from your stationer. To ensure that you will have enough time to write your messages, order your cards at the same time as your invitations.

DO Incorporate your unique personality into the design and wording. Try incorporating a monogram with your new initials, or  use colours that weren’t in your wedding decor.


November Wedding Wallpaper

It’s November aka my birthday month! I’m so excited for another blanket of the white fluffy stuff to cover Edmonton and bring us that much closer to Christmas. Every month, I will be giving you a free downloadable wallpaper to inspire you in your wedding planning.


Click any of following links, which will open up the images in a new window so you can download the free November 2014 Wedding Wallpaper: iPhone 6,  iPhone 5,   720×1280,   1080×1920,   768×1024

Wedding Program Wording

92bb34eb70f024692a132da396ae0f32Your wedding program  can be used in its classic form or you can take this keepsake of your wedding and use it to narrate your day. You can be poetic, informative, funny and inclusive. Let me break down exactly what goes into creating the perfect wedding program.

The Right Format
Your program should represent the wedding you are hosting. The most common format is a single or folded card. But, long and narrow is elegant; large squares are grand; and tied up with ribbons are celebrated. Sepia-toned booklets are hip, and sewn-down-the-seam is edgy and cool. Finding the format to fit your personality and your event is key.

The Cover
Covers can be as simple or as elaborate as you would like. Most couples will print their names, wedding date, and location. Some will use a photo from their engagement photo shoot or candid photos of their courtship. I have seen couples use dried pressed flowers, wax seals, ribbons and bows, dangling charms, and monograms to adorn the covers of wedding programs. The programs can easily mimic your own aesthetic and carry forward some of the details and colors of your invitation.

1db7bab48e9e804d09aea1a81762cf78The Order of Information
Information should follow the logical order of your wedding so that your guests can follow along. There are no hard-and-fast rules. Some couples have a beautiful knack for communicating; they enjoy the opportunity to share themselves with their guests in a candid and heartfelt way. Others prefer just to give an outline of their day and save the sharing for toasts.

What to Include
Weddings can be a fantastic opportunity to bridge cross-cultural and religious divides. Letting your guests in on religious rituals and traditions you’ll be incorporating in your ceremony will allow them to enjoy them more. The program is a fantastic vehicle to inform your guests about the particulars of your day. It is usually the first printed item your guests will see on your wedding day, and it sets the tone for what’s to come.

When writing about rituals and traditions you will be including in your ceremony, lean on the many tools at your disposal to get a definitive paragraph on their history, origins and meaning. Then be a good editor, keep it brief, and interesting make sure to add your own personal touch to it — for example, why it is meaningful to you? A great writing tool,, can help brings words to life.

Reception information is unnecessary in your program unless you missed something in the invitation or if you need to give your guests a heads up about new information. But, it is a place you can put a map or directions to the reception venue.

Who to Mention
Your bridesmaids and groomsmen can be a simple list of names to acknowledge their participation. You could even include a line or two describing their most endearing qualities or why you have chosen to have them stand up with you.


Some couples choose to thank their parents and or grandparents during their toasts, but even if it seems a little redundant, a few words of heartfelt thanks — in print, that they can read and look at over and over again — is priceless. Your program is also a beautiful place to acknowledge any deceased loved ones. Find an uplifting poem, song, or verse that encapsulates your love for them.

How to Personalize It
A few fun ideas we’ve had couples add: Wax seals, dried pressed flowers, stitching, ribbon and cording, handmade paper, painted details, photo collages, photo booth strips, badges, and modern monograms. Some couples add small packets of bird seed to toss or bubbles for after the ceremony.

Wedding Invitation of the Week


This beautiful wedding invitation mixes classic sophistication with modern glamour and watercolour illustration! These invitations by Sandy of Roseville Designs feature  a custom watercolour crest d by Happy Menocal, gold foil text and a metallic emerald envelope liner. So pretty!

Watercolor-Gold-Foil-Crest-Wedding-Invitations-Roseville-Designs-OSBP5The bride wanted to have a classic wedding invitation with a little bit of fun and glam! The starting inspiration was the gorgeous custom watercolor crest created by Happy Menocal. It featured the couple’s initials and their beloved dog, Pedro! We balanced the softness of the crest with gold foil stamping of their names in a modern script. We also included elements of the crest on the RSVP card to tie it all together. The entire suite was printed on double-thick ecru felt stock, and finished with a metallic colored envelope liner.

Happy Menocal also created a married version of the crest, which we used in their day-of wedding stationery. Programs, menus, table numbers, and other signage were also designed and placed throughout the reception tent.

I absolutely love watercolour because it is so soft and unique. This design was used to bring all of their stationery pieces together and create cohesion throughout. They kept their invitation text simple to really let the illustration be the show piece.

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