Merry Christmas + Happy New Year


Wishing all of you lovely people a very merry Christmas & happy New Year! It’s been a truly fantastic year. We look forward to a few days off celebrating with those we love!

Top Wedding Links

  1. vivi-wrapping-paper-35_qg3zbmHand Painted Wrapping Paper
    All you need are 36″ x 36″ squares of paper and some paint! Combine different papers and paint colours for endless wrapping combinations. Click here to read
  2. Tyler Rye Wedding Shoot
    For this bridal/formal session we drove a few hours west of Salt Lake City to find the famous Bonneville salt flats! shooting at the salt flats is always amazing and its one of my favourite destination wedding locations. Nothing but flat white salt for miles and beautiful mountains in the background! Click here to read
  3. DIY Printable Hashtag Signs
    Hashtagging your wedding? Announce it in the #loveliestfashion with designer Susan Brand’swatercolor signs, and let your guests snap away. Click here to read
  4. Pantone’s 2015 Colour of the Year
    Marsala, Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2015, has been the talk of the town recently, and I thought that I’d throw my hat into the ring and give my opinion about what I think is a rather unexpected choice.  Click here to read
  5. A Year in Styled Shoots
    As 2014 draws to a close it’s a time to rest and reflect on the year that has pasted.  I always enjoy flexing my creative muscle and collaborating with other wedding suppliers.   2014 was a bumper year for that, there was…  Click here to read

How To: Seating Charts, Table Numbers, & Escort Cards

Do I need assigned seating?
Guests prefer assigned seating, particularly older guests. Unassigned seating sounds great in theory and is one less thing to do for the event’s organizer, but unfortunately, rarely works out so well for several reasons:

  • There may be a rush for the good seats
  • It will take a lot longer for your guests to be seated as they may still be milling around while the food is being served
  • The last few guests end up walking around looking for seats
  • Couples can be split up
  • Older guests may end up seated where they can’t see or hear anything

It can be a pretty miserable experience for guests. The larger the event, the bigger the risk you are taking with unassigned seating.

Assigning Seats or Tables?
Guests can be assigned to a table (where they can choose any seat) or assigned to a specific seat. If they are assigned a specific seat a place card is placed at the table.

Seating Arrangements
You might want to put people next to people they know, or you might want to split them up a bit so they meet new people. Try to put each person next to at least one person they already know. People are more likely to get on well if they are similar ages or have similar interests.

Generally, you should try to put families together and work colleagues together. But if you know people don’t get along, try seating them separately. It is worth breaking with tradition to have a stress free event.

Try to create balanced tables, with even numbers of males and females. It is traditional to alternate male-female-male-female guests in some cultures.

Escort Cards & Seating Charts
Guests will need to know which table they are seated at so they do not have to walk around to find their place. This is done by displaying a seating chart or escort cards prominently at the entrance to the venue. Whether you prefer a seating chart or escort cards is personal preference.

Escort cards show the name and number of the table a guest is seated at. They are normally placed on a table, in alphabetical order, at the entrance to the venue.

Table numbers are placed on tables to display the number or name of the table. They should be large enough to read without having to walk right up to the table. Table number cards are usually large tent fold cards, or flat cards in a holder.

If you are feeling creative you can give tables names instead of numbers. Named tables add a bit more atmosphere and a personal touch. Possible table naming themes include: flowers, gemstones, countries, colours, actors/films/TV programs, bands/songs, or cocktails.

Place cards are placed at each setting to ensure guests sit in the correct seats.

If you have assigned guests to seats you will need:

  • seating chart, table numbers and place cards; or
  • escort cards, table numbers and place cards

If you have assigned guests to tables you will need:

  •  seating chart and table numbers; or
  •  escort cards and table numbers

We can help you out with all of your reception stationery needs. Let us take care of the design of your table numbers, menus, place cards, seating cards and escort cards!

Top Wedding Links

  1. Autumn-Ethereal-Wedding-Inspiration-02Autumn Ethereal Styled Shoot
    This was an amazing collaboration spear headed by Triangle H Photography and Cocktails & Details. Pomegranates and dahlias, sunflowers and peonies, vintage wares, and a gorgeous gold and magenta cakes…there are so many unique details here to ogle. I am so proud to be a part of it!  Click here to read
  2. DIY Printable Napkin Monograms
    Impress your guests this year with some personalized monogram napkins. These napkins are so easy to make and will add that extra special touch to the table to make your guest feel right at home. Either sew your own napkins or dress up linens you already have or bought from the store. Click here to read
  3. Hand Stitched Wedding Invitations
    You have to check out these gorgeous invitations! They are so unique, and perfect for a smaller, intimate wedding. Click here to read
  4. DIY Wedding Stamp Ideas
    We’ve seen a new trend popping up all over the place and quite frankly it looks impressive and easy peasy, the trend I’m talking about is wedding stamps. You can use them in so many decor elements of your wedding, from cute napkin decor to your Thank You cards! You can get one personalized stamp with your initials, wedding date etc plus cutesy icons that represent your wedding theme and then you can stamp to your heart’s content.  Click here to read
  5. DIY Photo Strip Seating Chart
    We wanted to create a seating plan with tons of personality so we secretly trawled our friends & families Facebook pages for candid photos to use. It was so much fun looking through all their photos, some were making funny faces, others busting shapes on the dance floor but what we loved most of all is that this was going to be a great representation of how we remembered the people we love the most!  Click here to read
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