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I love to support local businesses. So when I came across YEGWed, I was super excited because Stacey, founder of YEGWed, loves the local scene as well. Not only has she been in the industry for years, she’s also a super talented DJ! She has some great info for couples who are planning their wedding and I’m so happy that she was able to share some of it with me!

What prompted you to start #yegwed?
I’ve worked in the wedding industry in one way or another for about a decade, and have always really loved it – my career as a wedding DJ is awesome, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I noticed that there are a lot of amazing wedding vendors in Edmonton that love what they do and are awesome at it, and like to do things outside of the box. In the world of online wedding inspiration, couples draw inspiration from photos on pinterest and blogs that are far away from Edmonton, so you may be inspired, but not know where to get the same product in our area. I wanted to create a hub for inspiration, where couples are seeing products and services that are readily available – because there are plenty of talented vendors right here in Edmonton!

Are there any emerging trends that you are seeing with local weddings?
I’d say that there is a move to more classic style when it comes to dresses and brides’ style, but a move to more non-traditional when it comes to other details like menus, desserts and floral arrangements.

Is there a wedding service that you think Edmonton is missing?
I feel like we really have some world-class vendors in Edmonton – i can’t think of something that I’ve seen on wedding blogs in other cities that you couldn’t find in Edmonton.

_DSC0603How can brides and grooms learn more about local vendors?
As always, word of mouth is the best way to find amazing vendors – memorable service/products will be mentioned! Of course, we hope to introduce as many vendors as possible via – if there’s something specific you’re looking for, do get in touch! I would also suggest checking out #yegweddinghour between 7 and 8pm on Wednesdays on twitter – it’s a great place to ask for referrals or advice and start conversations with potential vendors.

What kind of wedding do you like to feature on your website?
We especially love weddings that are unique and reflect the couple’s personality, as well as weddings that feature plenty of local Edmonton wedding vendors. That said, we also have a soft spot for iconic Edmonton locations, both as a venue and as a photo backdrop.

Are there any wedding trends that you are getting tired of seeing?
Since i love weddings that are unique and personalized, I am a little tired of traditions being upheld when there is no meaning to the couple, or when couples include things because ‘that’s just what you do at a wedding’. My view is – just do you! if it is void of meaning, don’t waste time or money on it. Celebrate who you are as individuals and as a couple, and let that shine through!

Aside from featured weddings, what does your site have to offer?
Along with real weddings, we also feature engagement photo sessions, wedding videos and love stories – we love showing real-life inspiration, and sharing stories. We also feature vendors who love what they do and are awesome at it – we especially love promoting vendors and artisans who are happy to do one-of-a-kind or custom work, so couples can have things their way! We like to do round-ups of social media as well, sharing our favourite things we’ve seen throughout the week, to keep those who are not as glued to the computer as we are in the loop. we also offer services for vendors, such as social media coaching, blog ghostwriting and advertising/promotion – we want to make having an online presence easy for vendors, so they can get on with doing what they do best: making weddings awesome.

List your top 3 ‘get the crowd going’ wedding reception songs
It really depends on the crowd, but my number one go-to jam is ‘I Want You Back’ by The Jackson Five – it’s great for all ages. ‘Do You Love Me’ by the Countours is another great all-ages jam, and ‘Push It’ by Salt n Pepa works for a lot of wedding crowds, as it brings the nostalgia factor to the guests around 25-35 years old (which is often the main age group at weddings).

Wedding Invitation of the Week


Happy Friday! I’m going to keep this one short and sweet for those of you who are ready to start your weekend. This weeks invitation love is technically a template design, I have seen it in numerous colour combinations and finishes. But because its been letterpressed, I think it deserves to be showcased.


First, I love the colour combination. I’m a big believer in colours that ‘go’ instead of trying to be matchy. Who says your envelopes need to be the same colour? Not me! Yes, this is a one colour print job but look at how much colour is coming out of the envelope liner. It really brings the whole invitation suite together.

The script font chosen for this invitation is very ornate but it can easily be swapped out for any other font because of how simple the body text is. Remember, you don’t need to use the same font for your entire invite. Mix it up with a slab serif, or play around with using different colours in your text.

As beautiful as letterpress is, it’s also very expensive. Especially if you are printing three separate pieces. A good way to save money is to print just the invite card with a letterpress and print the other cards digitally.

How Much Do Wedding Invitations Cost?

website photosI get so many phone calls and emails every week from brides and grooms who want to know the cost of wedding invitations. Spoiler alert: It’s not a straightforward answer with a simple cost. Wedding invitations may not be as costly as other wedding essentials like the dress or the reception venue. However, they still require careful planning and budgeting. Decide on your budget before your invitation consultation so that your designer can show you exactly what will fit within your budget so there are no financial surprises at the end.

Several factors affect the overall price:

Invitation Layout

The type of wedding invitation you choose will definitely affect the cost of the suite. The simpler the suite is, the less expensive the invitations will be. A flat 5×7 card with a reply card and envelope starts at about $5 each. And a 5×7 invitation inside of a pocket with multiple insert cards and layers will start around $10 each. The price difference is huge but for couples that are looking for that WOW factor, the cost is worth it.


Custom designed wedding invitations are more expensive than simple cards simply because the designer is creating a unique design for you. Using a template can mean a cheaper invitation but keep in mind that it does not always perfectly match up with your wedding vision and anybody else could have the same invitation as you.


How many wedding invitations do you need? The quantity will have a big effect on the cost of the overall expenses on the invitations. Printers price the invitations lower the more number of invitations you order from them. So while it may seem less expensive to order only 75 invitations, the cost per invite is actually higher than ordering 100 invitations. The biggest mistake I see my clients make is ordering too few and then having to order an extra 10-25 at a much higher cost than the original order. Always order extra!


The type of paper you choose to use for your invitations does not effect the price greatly, but it is still an important factor. You have a choice of a matte paper or metallic paper. Metallic paper is slightly more expensive, but it prints really well and looks really expensive! When choosing your paper, keep your theme in mind. Metallic paper can look amazing with a chic, classic design, but not so much with a rustic design.

website photos4


Your printing method can greatly affect the cost of your wedding invitation. Specialty printing like thermography, letterpress, and gold foiling are so beautiful but much more expensive than offset printing which is similar to digital printing but gives you a much better ink coverage. Digital printing will save you the most money but it does not give you that hand-made look.


Any kind of add on like a band, or a seal, or an envelope liner will increase the cost of your invitations. Choose them wisely because they add up quickly and can sometimes double the cost of your invites. They also add to the weight of your invitation, which I will get to next.


Postage rates are not getting any lower and they have quickly become a big expensive for couples who need to mail their invitations. Every invitation costs at least $1 (in Canada) and that does not include any of the extra weight added with the thicker cardstock, or the rhinestones. And you have to consider the depth of your envelope as well. Any ribbons or buttons that extrude out from the paper can definitely increase your mailing costs up to almost $5 (per invite!!)

When looking for wedding invitations, remember these things:

  • Determine your budget as early as possible as well as the number of invitations you need. Knowing both these details will help you plan your budget in terms of what design, material, and kind of printing you need for the invitations.
  • If you want to work with a custom invitation designer (hello!), meet with a few different ones to get a sense of their style and how well you would be able to work with them.
  • Try shopping online for your wedding stationery and supplies.
  • Match the style of your wedding invitations with the kind of wedding you are having. You can choose from formal, rustic, romantic, or fun depending on the wedding you are envisioning. The colours and design of the invitations should also reflect the theme and colours of your wedding.
  • Always order extra invitations for your family and the bridal party and to cover last minute guests additions.



August Wedding Wallpaper

How is it already August? This year is just flying by and I love that all of my clients are getting married! I hope you enjoy this month’s wedding wallpaper download. Every month, I will be giving you a free downloadable wallpaper to inspire you in your wedding planning.


Click any of following links, which will open up the images in a new window so you can download the free
August 2014 Wedding Wallpaper: 320×568 (iPhone 5),   320×480 (iPhone 4),   360×640,   720×1280,   1080×1920,   768×1024

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